In this article, you will learn how to add users to your SwiftCount account.

Why you will need this:
  • Users are the people in your organization who needs to have either "reading" or "action" access to SwiftCount. Meaning people who need to see, schedule or record movements, or count products through the portal or the mobile app.

What you will need:
  • A SwiftCount account. Click here to learn how to create a SwiftCount account (Coming Soon).

Step 1: User Settings

  • Click on the "Settings" Module on the left banner, last module.

Step 2: Add New User

  • Choose the "Add New User" bouton

Step 3: Add New User Information

  • Fill out the form to add the New User information
    • Add first name
    • Add last name
    • Add email address
      • This will be the email used by the user to login to SwiftCount
    • Add phone number
    • Choose password
      • The new user will be able to change their password later on
    • Confirm password
    • Choose user type: Choose between "Administrator" or "Count".
      • The "Administrator" by default, have all the "Action" permissions turned on, meaning they are able to create products, locations etc... The "Count" has by default all "Action" permissions turned off and can only act on what is already created in the account. Both profiles' access permissions can be adjusted one by one by the "owner" of the account.
    • Click "Save" when done.