SwiftCount Helpdesk

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Create a SwiftCount account
Create/Import categories
Create/Import categories manually
Create/Import categories using an excel file
Create/Add Units Of Measure (UOMs)
Rename the Master Unit Of Measure (UOM)
Delete a category
Rename a category
Add a warehouse/Store
Rename a warehouse/store
Add new suppliers
Delete a supplier
Update supplier information
Assign products to a supplier
Unassign products from a supplier
Add new suppliers (from « Settings »)
Assign products to a supplier (from « Settings »)
Unassign products from a supplier (from « Settings »)
Delete a recurrent count
Connect SwiftCount to a 3rd Party integration
Update company details
Change company's profile image
Update count frequency notifications
Update payment information
Download a Swiftcount invoice
Upgrade/downgrade plan
Cancel subscription
Set up privacy / notifications settings
Set up language, time zones and currency
Update user permissions
Set up manual / automatic movement processing
Change account password
Reset database
Update user profile image
Update user information
Change user password
Send a message to a user
Delete users (change status)
Assign a place (warehouse/store) to a user
Create a new customer
Update customer information
Delete a customer
Create/Add a tag/SwiftID
Edit a tag/SwiftID
Delete a tag/SwiftID
Set up / change sales settings
Import a production order from a 3rd party platform
Print a production order report
Edit a production order
Process a production order
Connect SwiftCount to Lightspeed POS (and vice versa)
Find the location of specific serial/lot numbers
Check movements of products with serial/lot numbers
Disconnect SwiftCount from a 3rd Party integration
Connect SwiftCount to Spire
Check the connection between SwiftCount & Spire
Connect SwiftCount to Shopify (and vice versa)
Sync inventory with multiple sales channels (Sync-It)